Thelisi gia to Paidi” is a Center where various scientific specialties kentroco-exist and cooperate in order to meet various developmental problems. Our goal is to help the development of movement, communication, learning and independence of the children through individual programs.

Problems like Pervasive Developmental Disorder, autism, Psycho-kinetic Deficiency, cerebral palsy, speech deficiency, learning disabilities, syndromes, scoliosis etc. are treated collectively by our rehabilitation team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists and special education experts. Our team is in close cooperation with pediatricians, child psychiatrists, child developmental specialists, child neurologists, physiatrists and children orthopedic surgeons.

We strongly encourage parents to actively participate in their child’s therapeutic program in order to attain faster recovery.

We do hope to be able to respond to your expectations
and to be able to cover the specific needs of your child.

Charalambos Hatzis, MCSP, NDT, SRP
Physical Therapist – Occupational Therapist
Teeside University, U.K.